Sales & Marketing Leader Awards Semi-Finalists

Our leader of the year awards recognize San Diego County’s top Sales & Marketing executives. With achievements within their companies and in the community, the winners and finalists demonstrate determination and insight, yielding huge successes for their organizations. They exemplify the true meaning of a leader, driving success in their businesses and the local economy.

Justin Allen, Director of Account Development and Product Strategy, iMatrix

Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack in the Box Corporation

Shaun Alger, Revenue Process Engineer, VoloHaus

Gregg Anderson, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, 41 Orange Marketing

Michelle Bergquist, CEO & Co-Founder, Connected Women of Influence

Jonathan Berlin, Director of Partnerships & Business Affairs, Century Club of San Diego

Amy Breen, Senior Regional Account, Manager Teva

Darlene Byrne, Director of Marketing, Holdrite

Liliana Ciurlino, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, Managed Solution

Luis Eternod, Director of Marketing and Sales, Pacific Aviation & Lease Management

Ron Ferrari, Principal/ VP Development, Bessemer Trust

Amber Frankhuizen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Zephyr

Tyler Garns, CEO, Box Out Marketing

Randy Gerson, VP Marketing, The Perfect Workout

Sara Gilman, Marketing & Business Development Manager, TAG

Cindy Greatrex, Associate Medical Officer, NARAP (National Alliance of Research Affiliate Programs)

Tanner Haigwood, Executive VP & Co-Founder, Cali Bamboo

Ron Harrell, CEO, My Office

Jaime “Jim” Hernandez, President/CEO, Strategic Business Communications, Inc.

Ilana Herring, Real Estate Professional, Keller Williams Realty

Angela Hill, CEO, Incitrio

Ari Hoffman, Success Fanatic, MindTouch

James Michael “Mike” Honeysett, VP of Global Commercialization, ACEA Biosciences

Kami Hoss, CEO, The Super Dentists

Sara Jensen, Vice President, Business Development, Innovative Employee Solutions

Todd Karnig, Vice President, Sales, Stone Brewing Co.

Jack Kelly, President, Corlea Group

Andrew Marr, VP Sales & Marketing, Coastal Payroll

Dave Meltzer, CEO, Sports 1 Marketing

Hawk Mikado, CEO, Funnel Genius

Natalie Morse, Marketing Director, Chosen Foods

Mike Nelson, Head of Global Sales, Identity, Mitek Systems

Mark Nelson, SVP Marketing, Leadfusion

Ben Norton, CEO, VelocityX

Elizabeth Pietrzak, Managing Director, Girls in Tech San Diego

Sarah Polk, SVP Marketing, Sommetrics

David Raine, Founder,

Doug Resh, Vice President, Sales & Marketing,  Woodspur Farms

Sean Ring, Business Development Manager, Innovative Employee Solutions

Greg Salomon, Executive Vice President, Primary Funding

Salvador Alberto Sanchez, CEO & President, S2U Latino LLC

Jamie Shikiya, Principal & Founder, EVOTEK

Dan Smith, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Cavendish Kinetics

Kevin Stanley, Sales Manager, My Office

Michelle Stanley, Director of Communications, The Classical Academies

Debbi Stanley, VP Sales, RallyBound

Anneke Stender, Executive Vice President, TAG

Phillip Walker, Customer Advocate, Network Solutions Provider


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